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To share in success : the users. To take programming one step further: our helpful hints. To give your applications a boost : the options. To discover all the new features: the products. To round off our offering : the services. To make yourself understood : the points of view. To optimize machining operations : the oils. To maximise cutting power : the tools. For more solutions : the other attached products. To meet up : the exhibitions. For programming : the software packages. To assure quality : the technology. To broaden your vision : background articles. To communicate : the life of the magazine.
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decomagazine: the site

Welcome to the decomagazine website. Here to serve the bar-turning industry for more than 15 years.


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An end to the restriction of working your way through 80 pages to view a single article !

From today, you are able to download all published articles free of charge, and to do so one article at a time to save you from having to download entire magazines. All these articles are grouped by type and can be accessed with a single click.

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