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decomagazine: Tooling

To maximise cutting power : the tools

201678Applitec - A comprehensive range of turning tools for the watch making industry !
201678Guymara - Each tool is a piece of jewelry
201675Utilis - Integrated Lubrication for the Tornos Swiss GT 26
201675Applitec - Ongoing innovation
201471Applitec – New 2015-2017 catalogue
201471Dieterle - Complete turning range
201471Utilis - A hundred years of success
201470Utilis: tool optimisation
201470WF: “Modular tool systems are offering completely new options”
201469Applitec: New range dedicated to watchmaking
201367Swiss ST 26 - Applitec: Flexible tool holders
201367Improved utilization of sliding-head machines for machining medical components
201367Bimu tooling for Tornos SwissNano
201367Swiss ST 26 : new rotating modular tool holders
201366NTK: real thread whirling
201364Machining Medical Parts – New Developments that lift Performance
201263Swisscollet - A radical development…
201262Applitec : A new cutting tool holder block for the MultiSwiss
201261Wibemo: Rethinking centring...
201159Iscar and Tornos, a system partnership defined by the customer
201158Bimu: 3 innovative solutions to increase the number of tools on your automatic turning machine
201156Applitec: The problem-solving insert
201156Walter Dünner SA: 76 years of innovation...
201055New thread whirling tool for the medical sector
201055Meeting the needs of high precision turning industry
201054Keeping the bar where it is... (double-taper collets)
201054Bimu: More machining possibilities on Tornos Deco 7 / 10e
201053HF spindles: increased machining options deliver increased productivity...
201053Applitec: It's the little innovations that make the difference...
201053Bimu SA is expanding its offering on the Swiss market thanks to its quality partners
201052Utilis: thread whirling is as common as eating foie gras
200951Utilis: thread-whirling with 12 blades
200951Bimu: practical solutions at an affordable price
200950Walter Dünner SA: Extraordinary collets and guide bushes
200950Rigid cutting with Applitec
200949PX-Tools: When 3 %will make you over 20 !
200949Applitec SA: Extraordinarily useful tool holders
200949Bimu SA: The VPGT insert
200948Innovative range of Bimu accessories for Tornos Micro 7 / Micro 8
200948Meyrat SA: High-frequency and much more besides!
200948Tornos & Schaublin: Cooperation at the cutting edge
200948Micro 7 and 8: Productivity increased... Applitec
200847Applitec: Complementary tooling: a wealth of solutions
200846Delta: More tools, more targeted lubrication, more presetting... thanks to Applitec
200846Dixi Polytool: Something new into the territory of the shaping tool!
200846Dixi Polytool: New generation of high performance drills
200846The pinnacle of burr-free thread-cutting operations by Utilis
200845Replace precision ground material... and a lot more besides!
200845Zecha: That decisive conceptual step further
200844Utilis S.A.: Multidec Whirling thread-whirling head
200844Dihawag: Precision and Performance on a Really Minute Scale
200743Applitec: Productivity first
200743Bimu: Listening to the machine and its user
200743PX-Tools: High precision
200741PX Tools, a decidedly medical focus
200741New machining facilities for the medical and dental sectors
200741Bar turning tool manufacturers come ... the MODU-LINE system
200639Internal grinding with IFANGER
200639Two new features in the Multidec® range
200638APPLITEC - Presentation of 2006 innovations
200636Volume production of small parts
200535The new generation of pentacut inserts
200533The Iscar SWISSCUT tooling system...
200532DNGU, finally negative-positive for small parts turning
200431PX Tools, the special applications specialist...
200430ISCAR Cutting Tools for the Miniature Industry
200429Applitec Swiss Tooling - Several innovations complete a range of high-performance tooling
200428Multidec®, CUT 3000 - Position guaranteed irrespective of the condition of the opposite cutting edge!
200325From problem, through product concept to the finished tool
200223Saving time, thanks to the pre-adjustable tool-change system...
200223Tooling for small parts turning
200221Smaller, deeper and of improved quality
200221Mastering tooling costs for small parts turning
200220HSK-C32, its benefits and technique
200118HSK 32 tools for the DECO 42f: A proven clamping technique...

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