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decomagazine: Users

To share in success : the users

201987Imperia & Monferrina : A ‘made in Italy’ icon relies on Tornos for its production
201987Terrats Medical : A motivated team that is aiming at high performance and is entirely dedicated to the production of high-quality prosthetic parts and dental implants
201987Kenson Industrial Plastics : Tornos packs a punch for plastic part producer
201886Teixidó : precision and passion for complete customer satisfaction
201886Partmaker : swiss quality meets Australian ingenuity
201885Mideos: the success of a dedicated team!
201885Slice Mfg. Studios: Build it and they will come
201885Ingun relies on the SwissNano - Successful throughout the world thanks to high precision
201884Schaller GmbH : Precision meets sound
201884Cabrillant : Experiences of a bar-turning shop with a Tornos Swiss-type automatic lathe
201884Tenable turns to MultiSwiss for productivity
201883Bontaz Centre : an automotive supplier known for cutting-edge technology
201883Weiss Watch Company : restoring prestige to American watchmaking
201883Königsee Implantate : precision to the bone
201883Geneva Prod : diversification into watch components
201883RB-Cema : practical experience with advanced multi-spindle automatic lathes
201782Pibor Iso – Partner of fine watchmaking – relies on Tornos
201782Tornos Swiss DT 26 delivers 80 % cycle time reductions at CTPE
201782PréciJura SA : Versatility is paying off
201781Cox Manufacturing : advancing a legacy of delivering confidence
201781Polydec and Tornos in line with a long-standing automotive tradition
201781Lauener : 20 years of success with Deco
201781Okay Industries : SwissNano helps Costa Rica division achieve new level of precision
201780Berger Feintechnik – A success story second to none
201780G. & Y. Leuenberger – entering a new dimension with MultiSwiss
201780DPRM : High-tech and know-how combined
201780Ypsotec : 100 years of ultimate precision
201780Tornos Swiss DT 13 solutions keep Ensto turning
201779Steulet Microtechnique SA : a motivated team aiming at high performance !
201779Joseph Martin : a strong partnership with MultiSwiss
201779MGB : 60 years of success
201779Tebit - The young savages have grown up
201678Industrial Strength Corp - Bringing creativity to life with Tornos
201678Ingun - From the garage to the global market leader
201678Rapid rise of Sunon
201678Hamilton Bonaduz AG - High-capacity automatic lathes for first-class medical products
201677Microdeco – Over 50 years of success with Tornos
201677Supreme Screw Products – Exceeding expectations every time
201677Fabmed – A medical specialist relies on Tornos production machines
201677Décolletage de la Cascade – Uncompromising quality and responsiveness
201676Badan - Increasing the volumes with SwissNano
201676RE Thompson & Co. - Tornos electrifies production for aerospace subcontractor
201676Bernina - Quality stitch by stitch
201676Haigh Engineering - Tornos alleviates production woes for waste disposal OEM
201675Higher precision, especially for watchmaking
201675Azurea, a unique watch manufacturer
201675JT Dec – When bar turning meets the fine art of Watch making
201574Tornos SwissNano makes big impact for Harwin’s Gecko connectors
201574Lemo - The best connectors worldwide
201573Mann Engineering - Tornos provides flexibility for irish subcontractor
201572Opening up new markets with the SwissNano
201572Sryker Trauma: EvoDeco in the service of health
201572Reputed Electric Industrial: Success story with the Tornos CT 20
201572Diba Industries eliminates bottleneck with Tornos
201471TISIS - A new era : simple, quick, efficient
201471Petron Automation – Ready for the US manufacturing renaissance
201471Motorex - Opera perfetta
201471Southco - Tornos unlocks productivity by retrofitting HPC system
201470Tornos MultiSwiss and ETA : a synergy of two complementary industries
201470Metalem: love at first sight…
201470Steulet microtechnique: high-end watchmaking supplier
201470Autocam gets performance boost from Tornos MultiSwiss
201469MasterCam: Nowadays, bar turners need a CAM which not only calculates the contour points, but much more
201469Precision turned parts, 100 % quality controlled
201468Medartis - Finding the right machine
201468Ultra Décolletage - A carefully chosen machine
201468San-tron – a family operation with Tornos connections
201468Westwind reduces subcontract costs with Tornos investment
201367Watch pinion finished on the SwissNano
201367SwissNano: Machines ready for the challenge
201367KIF Parechoc : protector of the timepiece
201367TiNi Aerospace turns to Swiss ST 26 and PartMaker for prototype machining
201366Krattiger AG: An entire workshop of Swissnano machines
201366Rhin-O-Tuff: Tornos Swiss ST turning center helps punch manufacturer reduce overhead costs by 66 %
201365Tornos MultiSwiss 6x14 and the Joseph Martin company : a shared success story
201365Supreme Screw Products - more competitive edge with Tornos
201365Rowi Präzisionstechnik - A commitment to tradition
201365Killala Precision Components - Irish subcontractor bottles success with Tornos
201365MB Präzisionsteile - Satisfied customers are a top priority
201364A Million Times, precisely : Easydec Timepiece Components
201364Subcontractor buys Hi-Spec Tornos based on YouTube Footage
201364Kärcher: As clean as they come
201263Acros Sport GmbH - Success with innovative technology and precision
201263DC Swiss - A partnership for machining without compromise
201263Tornos Pumps Productivity into Allspeeds
201263Alpha Precision Turning - Living the Core Values
201263Reiner Schulte - Quality that is flourishing in obscurity
201262Krattiger (CH): Who is able to manufacture such parts ?
201262Michel (CH): MultiSwiss : six out of six
201262Martin (D): Quality, just in time
201262Utilità (I)– The challenge of complexity
201262Joarjo (E): Three generations, one name and one destiny
201262Technoset (UK): Tornos Gamma
201262HK Precision Parts : Swiss quality, made in the USA
201262Medimetal (HR): Implants designed for bones
201261The MultiSwiss, for a competitive edge
201261DuAll Precision dives into major streamlining project to keep up with growing demands
201261Tornos supports growth for precision metrology manufacturer
201260Part Precision Sweden a recently established company...
201260Weber Präzisionstechnik: Consistent focus on quality
201260Tornos opens up capacity at Machined Component Systems
201260Tornos delivers logical solution to Unicut
201260Ritzfahr: Class meets mass
201159AK-tek GmbH : dental implants for the whole world
201159California Wire EDM: Doing the impossible everyday with a little help from Tornos
201158MultiSwiss: A machine that makes working a pleasure
201158MPS: The µ is standard (EvoDeco)
201157Berger Delémont: Meeting the customer's expectations
201157Wilson Bohannan: Making locks since Lincoln
201157Muffett's gears up for productivity with Tornos
201157Symmetry Medical Asia
201156Structure Medical: Tornos becomes important fixture in the backbone of highly successful medical components manufacturer
201156SUSA: Trademark Precision
201156Restormel Machine Ltd - Delta 20/4: The cost effective turning solution
201055High precision among the vines, Decordal SL
201054Replacing cam-type machines... (Laubscher - Delta)
201054Laufer GmbH: "25 years of Micro Precision"
201053primec GmbH: from idea to implementation...
201053Model of excellence at Titanium Racing
201052Ugitech: nothing is left to chance...
201052Geigle: enterprise not inactivity
201052CNIP: serving the industry
200951Vertx, Sweden: everything is possible!
200951Just in time: a different approach worth the fight for Otto Engineering
200950Klein & Blažek GmbH & Teximp
200950Prefag Carl Rivoir GmbH: "Here,our tradition is precision "
200949RSM SA: From the "garage " to ultramodern industrial premises in 11 years !
200949Monnin SA: To meet demand ...
200949Cengiz Makina: World class supplier close to Istanbul
200949Delphax: At the forefront of medical technology
200949A stronger community
200948da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System Relies On Swiss Precision
200948Präzisions-technik Tebit GmbH: On the road to market leader
200948Tornos Engineers Chain of Success at APB
200948Preciber SA: In those day, precision in Spain was something of a pipe dream!
200948Delta 20/5 at Duchosal's: Successor of cam-type turning machines
200948Deco and Applitec at Hugard's: The solution is in the rigidity
200847Eisele Pneumatics GmbH: With expertise and quality in connection technology
200847Leghe Leggere Lavorate: It all started with an idea...
200847Essor: Reaching El Dorado...
200847Microdeco: Sources of opportunities!
200847Takumi Gets Premier Performance from Tornos
200847Danfoss: Still more optimising of components for magnetic valves
200846Tornos Delivers Productivity Gains at Arterial
200846Miguel Libertini S.A. top quality from Argentina
200846Josef Ganter: CNC versus CAM
200846Successful synergy partnership: Göltenbodt and Berger Group focus on growth and production location Germany!
200846Benson Turns the Tide with Tornos
200846Azuréa SA: We have no wish to do everything, but what we do take on, we always want to do well!
200845Schimmel: Quality, made in Germany
200845Hutzel: Competitive advantages through a high-performance network
200845Lemo: They make sure the signal is received, whatever the conditions!
200845GUERRINI S.p.A. - A reality in the heart of Italy
200844Joseph Martin S.A.: Shared skills
200844TS Décolletage: A company taking things one step further...
200844Tornos Meets Tight Tolerances at Dalau
200844Hagen Müller: Fresh wind from the Erz Mountains
200844Conec GmbH: From zero to hundred
200844MGB: Collaboration and expansion
200743MGB: The organisation at the service of passion
200743Lauener: Expertise that gives you the competitive edge
200743Bandi: 100th! Just imagine...
200743Gluck Precision Eng.: Clocking on to Tornos benefits
200743Solartron: Tornos Measures Up For Transducer Manufacturer
200743Hallberg-Sekrom Fabriks AB invests in... Sigma 20
200742S.a.r.l. Kugel: Full concentration on high-tech
200741DECO sliding head cuts 40% from cycle times
200741SWEDEN & MARTINA - leader in dental implants
200741Flexibility: The key to success
200740History of the "Swiss-type" unit
200740Turned parts specialist opts for Tornos
200740Tornos - something to write home about
200740Fly me to the Moon: Tornos revitalizes Midwest hydraulic shop
200639By single-mindedness to world leader
200639Impossible is not an option in the bar turning world!
200638Diversity with Simplicity
200638Maiko, Okayama, Japan - A High Accuracy Subcontractor
200638Honey, I shrunk the parts !
200637Synergy and cost cutting to perfection: lStryker Production backs Tornos and Schwanog
200637Taking on the world
200637Tornos cuts cycle times for BTMA member
200636Manufacture Roger Dubuis: the perfect marriage between tradition and modernism
200636The man who refused to give up
200535WML Engineering Buys Worlds First DECO 20s
200535No compromises - not even for volume production!
200535TORNOS, the flexible friend
200534TORNOS makes turning PTFE as easy as ABC
200533The UK market benefits from TORNOS technology
20053250 DECO machines in expert hands...
200532Teximp customers in the Czech Republic
200532Nothing works here without a magnifying glass
200431Series volume: only 15 parts!
200431Fifty eight years old and still young
200430CITIEFFE: technology serving man!
200430HUGARD: 50,000 hours with a single DECO machine...
200429Multispindle flexibility & efficiency at John Guest
200428RAVINET INDUSTRIES ever more efficient...
200327October 2003: an important milestone for European Quality.
200326Ireland a country far from its perceived stereotype
200326Radical change leads to strong growth
200325Perspective of the turning industry in Singapore
200325DECO productivity in quite an unusual form
200324Declaration of faith in Germany as a manufacturing location
200324Productivity and flexibility
200223Contract shop evolves from conventional CNC machines...
200222Brazil - an underestimated partner...
200221World class supplier
200220Virtuosity is in your hands...
200119W&H: Dental technology at the forefront of world innovation...
200117RIELDA... Technology and fantasy - In true Italian style...
200116World class supply.
200015Finnveden Powertrain AB - on the DECO 2000
200014DECO 2000, a reliable partner in the real world...
200013The DECO 2000 concept is breaking with a 100 year-old...
200013Nowadays, companies which succeed, guarantee quality...
200012The DECO 2000 system serving the medical industry
200012DECO 2000: A real alternative to cam-operated machines?
199911S.O.M. - "Perfection in turning"
199910The paths to perfection
19999The POGGIPOLINI company are ... high technology
19998The story of MUL-T-LOCK:
19986Gervasoni sets its sights on Europe for 2000
19985From cam machines to new DECO, boosts productivity...
19984The way to success

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