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decomagazine: Options

To give your applications a boost : the options

201987A new option for the MultiSwiss range : A centrifugal oil filtration system
201884Specific developments for customized solutions
201782ACB : Active Chip Breaker
201782Multiple feeding – Long parts – ISO machines
201781Hobbing, drilling, milling… a great number of new options
201779Programmable Coolant System - Wavy Nozzle
201676Tailor-made machines
201676CT 20 – Now with a thread whirling function
201675A tilting front spindle block for the Almac BA 1008 machining centre
201675New radial drill for back machining on the Tornos CT 20
201574Swiss GT 26 B Axis : Machining of highly complex parts becomes easy
201574Slotting attachment for back machining on the Tornos MultiSwiss
201574Oil mist extraction on the BA 1008 : customised solutions
201574Tornos Fluid Manager – for production optimization
201574New part outlet on MultiSwiss 6x14
201572Options to boost the capabilities of the BA 1008
201572All small parts on the MultiSwiss
201471Manufacturing the smallest, most precise parts in the world and removing them from the machine
201263Cutting on the EvoDeco 10
201260Inclinable HF spindle holder
201260High rigidity milling device
201159New high pressure unit for Gamma / Delta 12-20
201159Production surveillance interface
201157Long tip spindles for 'guide bush-free' operation
201157Guaranteeing oil quality
201157A complete line of suction devices
201156A complete line of suction devices
201156New temperature stabiliser
201156Watchmaking equipment for Delta
201055Cutting operations with Micro 7
201055Motorised counter-operations on Delta
201055HF spindles on Gamma 20
201054Tornos: new patented guide bush
201054Adapting the pressure: four different pumps
201052New options for the Deco 20 and Deco 26
20094925 years' experience in the medical sector
200949Device for clamping from the interior
200948Sigma 32: Always perfect oil...
200847Simultaneous rough finishing on Sigma 32
200847The air: a source of priceless wealth! Oil mist extractor for Delta 12 and 20.
200847Tool life management
200846Threadwhirling for all! (New option)
200845Saving cycle times on multi-spindles!
200845High precision cutting: Repeat success...
200743New CNC functions
20074310,000 workpieces in a thimble
200742HSC 80'000
200741Even more possibilities for more flexibility
200740Complex components in a single fixture setting...
200740Going from strength to strength!
200639Extended possibilities...
200637Electric spindles for the DECO
20063724° whirling unit
200636Centralised lubricating device for the DECO [a-line]
200636Manipulator arm and single palletization system
200636Option of preheating the machine
200535Mayfran chip conveyor for the DECO 20a and DECO 26a
200535Dual milling unit that tilts during back-operation
200534Quick change spindles
200534Cutting watch and clock pinions
200533New options: Greater potential!
200532Telescopic guide bar for the DECO 13a
200532DECO 20a: Optimized extraction up to 200 mm
200431More facilities and greater control !
200430New concept of turning tool holders for the DECO ranges
200428New options: Milling for inclined implants for DECO 13a.
200326New options: HSK Tool system on the DECO 20a and DECO 26a
200324Still more possibilities...
200223Options and innovations
200222News options
200221A device dedicated to simple and long parts (DECO 13 bi)
200220Auxiliary motorization system S6
200119Ever increasing versatility...
200118New devices...
200117New devices...
200116Options, developments and rediscoveries...
200116Optimum use of the polygon function.
200015Simplification and adaptation to all requirements
200014Part machining and recovery: Increased potential
200012Options: An ever expanding range!
199911New options : conveyor + curved tool-holder
199910New options : air-conditioning + pneumatic device
19999New devices
19998Discovering options
19987New options : long part extractor + spindle lock
19986New units for the DECO 2000
19985New Options : high precision drilling device
19984Evolving towards perfection

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