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decomagazine: Products

To discover all the new features: the products

201987From entry-level to high-performance machines
201987Magnesium & more on Swiss-type lathes
201886Let Tornos whisk you away to the world of automation
201886SwissNano 7 – a machine that is prepared for all demands
201886SwissDeco : a machine capable of rising up to any challenge !
201886Tornos CU 2007: 7 axes – A customizable entry-level turning / milling center
201886Alternative long-part ejection system for the Swiss DT 26
201885MultiSwiss 6x16: a new look for even better ergonomics
201885SwissDeco 36 TB: the first bar turning center
201885SwissNano’s extraordinary capabilities up to Ø 7 mm
201884Tornos SwissDeco : Perfect integration of peripherals
201884Tornos SwissNano : Pushing the limits of extremely small even further
201884Tornos BA 1008 XT : A machine for even the most complex parts
201883Tornos SwissDeco – Pooled expertise
201782MultiSwiss : Concentrated power and precision
201782Almac BA 1008 + : A small machining center with large capacity
201782The new Tornos CT 20 : A most welcome advancement !
201781MultiSwiss : more and more capabilities
201780Almac unveils its new products in a convivial atmosphere
201779Swiss DT 13 : even more flexibility
201678EvoDeco - The best performing machines…
201678Swiss GT 32 B : Complex operations with the highest level of ease
201678CU 1007R - A special configuration for the aerospace industry
201677MultiSwiss – Now available in larger sizes
201677The Swiss GT 32 now offers even more capability
201677The Swiss DT 26 – One of the most flexible machines available
201677One-hundredth SwissNano sold in Switzerland
201677Almac BA 1008HP – The ideal machine for deep-hole drilling
201676The Swiss GT 13 : Your advanced machining solution
201676The new Swiss DT 26 : Even more features
201676Tailor-made machines
201676MultiSwiss 6x14 - Flexible machining from the bar
201676Industry 4.0 – how to take advantage of it with TISIS
201676The Almac BA 1008 family is growing and it now has a new member - the BA 1008 HP
201676Are the demands of micro-machining being fully met ?
201675MultiSwiss 6x16 : a new dimension
201675Swiss DT 26 – Part of the next generation of entry level machines
201574Swiss DT 13, the gateway to Tornos’ range of products
201574New Tornos Robobar SBF 213 and Robobar SBF 326
201573EvoDeco : a unique family
201573The Swiss GT 13 – where rigidity meets efficiency
201573Manufacturing complex micromechanical components with the Almac BA 1008 machining centre
201573Collection of small workpieces on the BA 1008
201572EvoDeco 10: New design for even more functions
201572Swiss GT 13 : a winning combination
201471Robobar SBF 326e : Entry-level bar feeder
201470Swiss GT 26 – a new generation
201470Tornos CT 20 : new entry-level machine
201470Almac : highly targeted products for Germany
201469MultiSwiss: Imagine your first multi-spindle machine…
201469SwissNano – The possibilities are endless
201468Almac BA 1008 - The bar-turning machine for prismatic parts
201468Almac CU 2007 and CU 3007, high-performance machining centres
201367Evodeco32: The most powerful machine on the market
201366Tornos : Swiss innovations
201366EvoDeco for large diameters has arrived !
201366Almac renews its ranges
201366ISIS : The workshop of tomorrow, available today
201366Industrial design : It's a must !
201365Swiss ST 26 CE arrives in Europe
201365Multi-spindle machines : the flexible solution
201365SwissNano - First exceptional steps
201365SBF 538e bar feeders – range extension
201364SwissNano: the Watchmaking Machine of the Future
201364A Tablet at the Service of Bar Turning
201364Almac: Giving Swiss Watchmakers a Competitive Edge
201364A place to meet: Trade Shows
201263Two new machining centres with 3 to 5 simultaneous axes
201263Engineers who listen to you!
201263B axis for greater productivity
201262Delta II: Ever closer to the customers' needs
201262Delta 38: Beyond the 32 mm barrier
201262EvoDeco 10: One aim : Simplicity
201262Micro 8/4: The watchmaking specialist... now with a Guide Bush System
201262Almac CU 2007 & 3007: universal machining centres
201262Swiss ST 26 – The Perfect Complement
201262Cyklos : Complete, Autonomous Eco-Design
201261The hidden "secrets" of MultiSwiss
201260Working for the watch industry...
201260Cyklos : the surface treatment for everyone
201260MultiSwiss: Customer-focused industrial design
201260A comprehensive range of multispindle turning machines
201159Integrated PC for greater flexibility
201159Greater production thanks to rigidity
201159New range of bar feeders
201159Flexible "MultiSwiss" multispindle machine
201159The right tool for every need
201158MultiSwiss: A new, radically different concept
201158Cyklos: Tornos brings surface processing into workshops
201158Delta 38 / 5 : Power and rigidity
201158Sigma 32 / 6 : Concentrated power
201158Almac: Cut, or mill ?
201157EvoDeco 10 : Advantages at all levels
201157New Almac FB 1005 bar milling centre
201055Almac: High-tech robotic machining
201055Sigma 32: Powerful lathe
201054Two new turning machines with eight spindles (8x28)
201053Tornos worldwide: close to the customers...
201053World record: when utopia and technology are perfectly in step
201052The right machine for every customer's need
201052EvoDeco 16a: the next step in the evolution...
201052Gamma 20 : the perfect addition to the range
200951SAS-16.6: distilled experience
200951Almac CU 1007: a modular machining platform
200950The EMO is not to be missed
200950MultiSigma Chucker: Accessing new markets ...
200950Delta :Working without a guide bush and with even more freedom
200949Rational machining of very complex traditional watchmaking parts
200949MultiAlpha :the perfect solution for tough times ?
200847Chucker Multispindle: Reduction in cost of parts, another milestone reached!
200846New Delta products: User-friendly start up
200846MultiAlpha: An ever more communicative machine
200845Why line «e»?
200845Delta: Nine products from new range launched simultaneously!
200844TB-DECO ADV 2009
200844Two Sigma 32 machines tested for a 6 month period
200844Micro 7 - MS 7 Contest at the summit during the Simodec trade fair
200844DECO 13e - New entrance door to the world of Tornos
200844Micro 8: Increased productivity
200844MultiAlpha 8x20: A world first at Tornos: A high-volume thread-whirling process
200844MultiSigma 8x24: Closer to the operators than ever before
200742Feeding a multispindle turning machine with blanks is possible!
200742Sigma 20 makes it possible!
2007426 Sigmas, Sigma 8, Micro 7 and Micro 8...
200742Sigma 32 - A world first at EMO
2007411st at medisiams... multi-spindle for the medical industry!
200740Medical Applications for DECO Sigma 20
200639DECO Sigma 8: Optimised design
200638TB-DECO, always introducing innovations!
200535Two lathes in one
200535The myth has changed to reality
200534TORNOS is coming up with innovations on all fronts
200533Innovation: The current topic at TORNOS for 2005!
200533DECO reveals new prospects to the multimedia...
2005322005: The year of innovation
200532Loading programs by Ethernet
200431TB-DECO ADV 2005: A logical extension to the range adapted to customer requirements...
200430New functions of the Fanuc 16i NC
200429TB-DECO ADV: New Philosophy
200429MULTIDECO 20/6b - Always demand more...
200327Solutions supplier...
200327TORNOS medical: New possibilities !
200325Permanent showroom
200324What is new in pre-setting
200223TB-DECO, a tool that never stops developing
200222DECO 13a: Changes for 2002
200222MULTIDECO: Presentation of the latest features
200221A solution which is being improved upon...
200221DECO 20a: On the road to discover an universal product...
200220ROBOBAR SBF-532, a radically new design!
200220MULTIDECO 20/8b
200119DECO 20a, DECO 26a: a couple of steps further towards customer satisfaction
200118Announcing a new MULTIDECO...
200117A meeting took place at the initial presentation of the DECO 42 f
200117MULTIDECO 32/6 i - A multispindle turning cell all in one !
200116One plus one equals three!
200116MSF 522/8: A new barfeeder for the MULTIDECO 20/8...
200013DECO 13 basic i
200013DECO 13 basic i: special offer for the first 100 purchasers!
200012DECO 13 basic i: Diversification of the DECO 2000 family!
200012MULTIDECO: Optimum setting up and working
200012MULTIDECO 20/8: And three MULTIDECO machines!
199911MULTIDECO: Adapted solutions!
199910TB-DECO 5.0 - New version available !
199910New model available !
199910Robobar MSF-832 for the MultiDECO 26/6
19999New dimension
19999A new addition is the 13 mm-capacity version of DECO 2000
19999MULTIDECO 20/6
19999TB-DECO - release 5.0
19998MULTIDECO 26/6
19986The new ROBOBAR SSF 532
19985The DECO 2000 concept
19985DECO 2000 - 26 mm capacity
19985More MULTIDECO 26/6

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